What is Extended Warranty protection and why do I need it?

I still have time left on my manufacturer's warranty. Why should I bother purchasing your protection now?

What do I have to do about servicing my car once the policy has started?

What if I sell my vehicle? Can I transfer the warranty?

How does this coverage work? What do I do if I have a breakdown?

Is the cost of Parts and labor covered?

What is covered in the extended warranty?

What is not covered?

Is there any leeway on service?

Is their a limit on claims?

Does this warranty have any geographical limits?

What vehicles are excluded?

Why do I need 13 months of Insurance?

Why can't the insurance and registration be in two different names?

How do you calculate my insurance premium?

Why can't the insurance be transferred when the vehicle is sold?

Which garages will you use to repair my car?

How many years agency repair do you offer?

If my car is damaged due to a hit and run incident, will it affect my no claim bonus?

Does your policy cover damages to windscreen of the vehicle?

Does this policy cover off road damage?

Does this policy cover damage caused due to storm and flood?

What is the third party liability limit?

What is the deductible/excess I have to pay if the accident happens due to my fault?

What other benefits do you offer in your package?

Do you offer any discounts if I have no claim for the previous year?

What are the benefits you offer with PAB (Personnel Accident Benefits)?

What is RTI (Return to Invoice) GAP Insurance?

How does RTI GAP Insurance work?

What is the period of Cover?

What are the eligibility criteria?

Not Eligible Vehicles are those which:

What is RSA

What is covered?

What does the customer receive?

Important Note: