Extended Warranty

Motor Extended Warranty

Motor extended warranty is one of the automotive services provided by GAPCORP.

Most mechanical breakdowns occur after the Manufacturer’s Warranty expiry. The rising costs of automotive repairs following this expiry make purchasing an automobile Extended Warranty and Service Contract a necessity. Reducing risks and containing cost of ownership and heavy financial automotive repair costs is what GAPCORP’s Extended Warranty Services offers customers for both new and used cars throughout its network.

GAPCORP various coverage offering:


Platinum Warranty provides the most comprehensive coverage which mirrors the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty for its mechanical, electrical and electronic components. It acts as an extension to the manufacturer’s warranty for the period and/or kilometer range stated.


Gold Warranty covers most of the major mechanical and electronic parts of your vehicle taking into consideration expected wear and tear and forecasted mechanical faults that are likely to occur through years of ownership. Gold Coverage extends to New Cars, where it almost matches the Platinum coverage, and Pre-Owned (Used) Cars, where all major mechanical and electronic components are covered.


Silver Warranty covers many components on the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty, eradicating additional expenses on unexpected and expected car repair


Bronze Warranty extends mainly to the mechanical parts of a vehicle, curtailing unexpected car repair costs.


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Brown & White Goods Extended Warranty

The Extended Warranty offers protection against the risk of mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdown products, providing reimbursement for the cost of repair and/ or replacement. It offers up to the original purchase price or the current value of the product covered.

 The Extended Warranty for BW Goods.

Motor Insurance

The administration of a fully comprehensive Motor Insurance policy is one of the automotive services provided by GAPCORP and it is available to any vehicle. The administrated policy can extend to include continued renewal cover for up to 7 years and guarantee for repairs made for up to 5 years at the place of purchase. This service can also extend to emergency services such as 24 hours roadside assistance, cover for towing charges, medical expenses, rental car costs, and extended warranty on parts.


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Smart Repair Insurance

So what is SMART Repair?

The SMART Repair concept was created to offer a fast and effective solution to Vehicle Owners for cosmetic repairs. Thankfully, using several different, modern, repair techniques and leading paint product technology many small scratches, scuffs and dents can now be fixed using SMART Repair.

 So why use SMART Repair Insurance?

  • Protects your No Claims bonus on your normal car Insurance
  • Helps maintain your car in excellent condition
  • Maximizes future resale value
  • Professional mobile repair carried out in a convenient location
  • Most repairs can be completed within an hour

This Insurance Policy now lets you take advantage of this solution to ensure your vehicle keeps looking as good as new by looking after those minor little bumps and scratches as they happen – and what’s more it will pick these costs up for a full 3 years!

Rims & Tire Insurance


Will assist towards the unexpected out of pocket cost of repairing or replacing your tires if they are damaged under the terms and conditions*.

Have you thought about what would happen if your tires were damaged, either accidentally or by a malicious act? If this was to happen, you could end up facing an unexpected and expensive repair bill, in addition to the added inconvenience.

Even the most careful driver can sustain damage to their tires, whether from unexpected road defects or cuts and tears caused by sharp objects.

If your tires are damaged, either accidentally or by a malicious act, Tire Package can help towards the unexpected cost of repair or replacement, within the eligibility.


Contributes towards out of pocket cost of repair to unexpected minor cosmetic damage to your alloy wheels and within the terms and conditions*.

Alloy wheels help to show your Vehicle off at its best but when they’re damaged, they can look unsightly and the value of your car could be reduced. As with tires, accidental damage is an everyday reality – especially with alloy wheels. Inadvertently catching curbs when parking for example, can be extremely annoying but one of those things that happens to most of us from time to time.

Our Approved Repairers, can make those ugly scratches and scuffs disappear.

 *All terms and conditions will apply and may vary from country to country

Insurance Broking

GAPCORP maintains its own insurance brokerage firms to facilitate the buying and selling of insurance products for its clientele. This enables the company to rely on its own strengths to position itself on the global map. GAPCORP Insurance Brokers are subsidiaries of “GAPCORP Group”. Within the domain of General Insurance, GAPCORP is known for providing its value added services to all its existing & potential customers for insuring all various insurable risks associated with their operations. GAPCORP Insurance Brokers is enriched with a team of professionals with a reputation for technical expertise, risk management, value enhancement to its clients’ portfolio and uncompromising integrity by adhering to sound underwriting principles and a risk management philosophy. Our main objective is to grow on the basis of participating in Technical Expertise for the benefit of our customers.We work in consultation with our clients to help them develop a risk management approach to their business, thereby earning them a reputation for prudence and proactive risk management among the insurers. This will position our clients as preferred clients in the insurance market of the future.

Our line of business includes:

  • Automotive services  – Motor/Auto Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Marine Hull
  • Fire Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Engineering
  • Marine Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Takaful
  • Financial Lines
  • Consultancy Services

  GAPCORP Insurance Brokers Website

Road Assistance

The extended service plan offers access to road assistance offering a range of service assistance to cover all vehicle recovery eventualities. Customers are provided with a toll-free number to connect to the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Services include towing, to transport the vehicle to a service facility, battery service, to jump start a vehicle in instances of battery failure, flat tire assistance, where the punctured tire is removed and replaced with the spare tire, fuel, oil, fluid and water delivery service, where maintenance fluids are injected, lock assistance where entry can be regained into locked vehicles and travel assist insurance, which can provide quality health care, emergency assistance services and information services 24 hours a day, for all methods of transportation.


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Call Center Services

GAPCORP’s Call Centre operates 18 hours a day with one of the most sophisticated software and telephone system, with seamless integration with other automotive services provided by GAPCORP. It is equipped with the latest customer relationship management technology, which enables growth through measurability, advanced management oversight and operational efficiency. It employs highly experienced operators providing timely and personalized customer service.

The Centre is posed to provide in-bound and out-bound calls, emergency assistance, claims management, campaign support. Additionally, it has the infrastructure and functionalities to produce precise surveying reports, customer profiling data and telemarketing proficiencies.

GAP Insurance

Finance Shortfall

GAP Insurance -Finance Shortfall protects the customer by paying the shortfall amount owing to the Finance Company or bank if, in the event that the vehicle gets into an accident with a total loss, theft or damage, and the amount received from the comprehensive insurer is inadequate to finalise the outstanding loan on the vehicle.

When a customer gets into a Finance or Lease agreement on a vehicle, they may be exposed to an equity gap. This gap is the difference between the insured value of the vehicle and the outstanding loan.

Gap Insurance must be purchased when entering into a finance contract.

Return to Invoice Insurance

In the event that a vehicle is declared a constructive total loss, motor insurance policies usually only covers the current and prevailing fair market value (after depreciation). This policy will pay the difference between the motor insurance payout and the original invoice price of the vehicle.


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